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UMEI Christian High School is governed by a fourteen member volunteer board, who provide both governance and oversight to the operations of the school, as well as hands-on experience in carrying out the myriad of tasks required to operate an educational institution without any government support.  Eight directors represent the four supporting MCEC churches, one represents the supporting conference of MCEC, and five directors are elected at large.  The board has organized itself into five committees:

Executive Committee consisting of the board chair, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary
Finance committee
Education, Planning and Personnel committee
Fundraising committee
Maintenance committee

In addition, the board may appoint Ad-hoc committees as it deems necessary, and normally, there are several such committees operating to address particular needs or projects relating to school operations.

The Board meets normally nine times per year (all months except July, August, and December).  In the more recent past, committees have become very active in addressing their assigned tasks, which has streamlined board operations.

In its work, the board embodies the mission statement of the school, becoming “doers of the Word and not hearers only”.  We strive, together with staff, and in partnership with the family and the church, to create an educational centre, which in the context of Anabaptist values, prepares students for responsible stewardship of life as members of God’s people in a global society.

2015 – 2016 Board of Directors

John Krueger, Chair
Steve Enns, Vice-Chair
Shannon McCormick, Treasurer
Suzanne Balzer, Secretary
Jennifer Driedger
Lisa Foulon
Evelyn Greenwood
Marian Heys
Luanne Kehl
Ted Klassen
Ben Quiring
Doug Toews
Carolyn Warkentin

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