UMEI Christian High School is dedicated to helping young people reach their full potential so they’re empowered to make a difference.

At UMEI, we take the idea of a young person’s “academic development” a step further. It’s our deep focus on “whole-person” education and growth, anchored in the Anabaptist tradition, which gives students the opportunity to become  “doers of the word” in their community.

UMEI is a family of dynamic and passionate individuals that work together to help students cultivate their full academic, spiritual, and individual potential.

“It takes passionate teachers to lead to passionate students.  At UMEI, teachers work with the students to not only encourage learning, but also help them discover how to learn.”
— Tess Huy (2011)


The Choral Music Teacher

UMEI Christian high school is seeking a dynamic and engaging individual to join the school family as Choral Music Teacher. The Choral Music Teacher must be committed to providing an education that graduates students who are spiritually fulfilled, academically excellent, and empowered to make a difference.

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