The End of the Stigma: the Truth on UMEI Athletics

November 30, 2015

Before I was a student at UMEI, I was under the impression that the UMEI athletics program was inferior to that of other schools. I thought that because of the small student body, the potential for good sports teams was less, and therefore the athletics department would be considered less important than other programs. Many of my friends even had this as their number one reason to attend a public school instead of UMEI. Luckily for me, the good things I had heard about UMEI easily outweighed this perception, so I decided on UMEI regardless of the athletics program stigma. …

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School Retreat At Kiwanis Camp From A Bird’s Eye-view (Literally)

October 16, 2015

By: Mykayla Tiessen and Katie Wiens As I flew over Kiwanis Camp on Friday, September 18th, I saw a series of strange and unusual events. Humans are always strange but this bunch was exceptionally odd. I watched as the group who called themselves UMEI, arrived at Kiwanis and immediately began running around making fools of themselves. I even saw some trying to swing on trees like monkeys; it was embarrassing to even watch. Apparently, they are very comfortable around each other and feel that they are able to truly be themselves. Next, they calmed down for a bit and went …

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Impact Series – Mary Fehr

September 30, 2014

Mary Fehr UMEI Christian High School graduating class of 2008.

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Impact Interview with Mike Wiens

August 28, 2014

Today we’re introducing a new series we are calling the Impact Series. These interviews with UMEI alumni will highlight the stories of past students, their experiences with UMEI, and where they are now. Our goal is to bring you one new interview every month. If you are UMEI alumni and are interested in sharing your story, we would love to hear from you. Contact Chrissy Kelton at We are starting our series with Mike Wiens from the 2006 graduating class.

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Lightning Live

February 11, 2013

Lightning Live, Friday February 8   This is an annual event that takes place on campus to showcase some aspects of high school life at UMEI Christian. Current grade 7 & 8 students are invited to shadow our students in several different interactive classes.  While on campus, our guests attended chapel, had the opportunity to make apple fritters or build a race car out of Lego Robotics, shadowed phys ed and drama classes and were given a presentation to end the afternoon. Two current students spoke and helped to answer questions.  This was a great opportunity for grade 7 and …

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Grandparents Day

January 18, 2013

Happy New Year! I hope everyone’s holiday was great!! A few days before the Christmas break, UMEI hosted the second annual “Grandparents Day”. It began at about 11:00 am in the chapel with Paul Dueck, Chris Warkentin and Spencer Neufeld. We “travelled around the world” singing different Christmas hymns from different countries. After we all sang, we made our way into the gymnasium for finger foods such as cheese and crackers and brownies. While we all ate and mingled, a few grandparents and even students stood up a told everyone their favourite Christmas memory. Overall the event went magnificently, and …

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Christmas Concert

January 17, 2013

On December 14th we had our Christmas Concert. The concert started at 7:00 pm, with the choir singning ” O come, O come Immanuel.” In the concert we had the choir sing and the teachers talking about the true meaning of Chritsmas. We also had Samuel Dyck and Amanda Enns played a duet for us. Andrew Dyck and his brother Joel Dyck also played a duet. It was a wonderful night of praising God and celebrating Christmas. – Willy Janze, Grade 9

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Christmas Party

January 11, 2013

UMEI held its annual Christmas party on Wednesday December the nineteenth and it was a smashing success. The old auditorium was transformed into a winter wonderland thanks to the decorating committee. All the students looked dashing in their formal attire and the food provided by the students was simply scrumptious. After dinner the students took part in many festivities such as a photo session, followed by a performance by the grade nine class which featured many flattering pictures of teachers in their younger days. Afterwards the students played a rousing game of carol charades in which the grade twelves were …

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Frankie & The Gingerbread Boy

December 3, 2012

Some picture highlights from the annual Grade 11 Play. This year the grade 11s performed Frankie & the Gingerbread Boy. The play is a tragedy that deals with high school bullying.  The playwright Bobby Keniston describes the play as  presenting “the tragedy that comes from intolerance to that which is different.” The grade 11s put on three great performances this weekend – Friday afternoon for 200 visiting elementary students, and open performances Friday and Saturday night for the public. It was a great turn out and a great show! Thank-you to everyone who worked hard to make the play a …

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Chili Cook Off

November 7, 2012

Hey Everybody!   The Chili cook-off was held on Sunday, October 28th at LUMC. This was held so that students could raise money for their trips. Entry was by donation and in the end, the students raised $2500!   The UMEI students got into groups of two or three. They all made a chili and tried to make it as creative as possible. Some students did themes such as Mexican, Detroit Tigers, and cowboys. People went around trying as many chilis as possible and then voted for their favourite chili.   The winning group was voted by the people who …

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