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One highlight for students at UMEI is their drama experience.  Drama is a mandatory course in Grade 11 but Junior Drama and Grade 12 Drama are offered as option courses.  The focus of the courses is more than theoretical. In all of the classes students are involved with a live production, putting their learning into practice as they work out blocking, lighting, sound, characterisation, costuming, and set creation.  Students remember these courses warmly because they have positive memories of working together with their class, of trying something they never thought they would do, of success and accomplishment, and of learning skills that can be applied in many areas of their life.  As one student wrote, “I also learned that drama is a lot of hard work and more of a commitment than it seems, but in the end it is all worth it.”

Religious Studies

Students are required to take a Religious Studies course in each of the four years. These courses are: Gr 9 – Old Testament; Gr 10 – New Testament; Gr 11 – History of the Church; Gr 12 – Philosophy. We want students to be able to ask questions and to grow in their faith in these courses; and as our mission states, we want our students to be “doers of the Word and not hearers only.”

UMEI Christian Science Class


UMEI offers all required science courses, including all the senior sciences – biology, chemistry and physics.These senior science courses alternate years.  Biology and physics are offered one year and chemistry the other. The courses in the science program provide a good balance of core theory, hands-on lab activities, computer probeware and various construction challenges.  Off-campus tours are also used to reinforce the principles taught in the classroom.


UMEI recognizes the importance of reading, writing and speaking one’s native language. Our English courses include all of those components, following the Ministry Curriculum. We work hard at developing presentational speaking skills in our students through seminars and oral presentations. We also emphasize learning to write in the formal essay form, as students build the skills required for further study.


UMEI teaches all required Math courses, including all the senior level courses – Functions, Data Management and Calculus and Vectors. Courses are taught at both the applied and academic levels, opening doors for further study at the college and university levels. There are many opportunities to explore math outside the classroom, and students find creative ways to connect mathematics with their personal life.

UMEI Christian History Class


UMEI recognizes the importance of understanding and learning from the past. History courses taught emphasize Canadian history and the history of the Christian church, especially since the reformation. Optional courses such as American history delve into more specialized periods of history. Each of these classes are designed for UMEI students to learn more about the world around them. Students are challenged to discover cause and effect relationships that have resulted in the world they live in. Students are given the opportunity to present their knowledge in unique ways and in various forms such as seminars, group presentations, or individual assignments.


UMEI offers Geography courses that explore the geographic systems and relationships that shape both Canada and the world. An emphasis is placed on increasing awareness of cultural, economic, and environmental connections both within Canada and between Canada and the rest of the world.

UMEI Christian Tech Class


UMEI recognizes the importance of student exposure to modern technology. We offer several such courses currently: a robotics course and a food and tourism course. These courses challenge students to learn the latest technologies and, more importantly, to learn how to keep on learning in these rapidly-changing areas.


The Music program at UMEI has always been rich with tradition.  Every student is encouraged to learn music while attending UMEI.  The junior grades begin with introductory theory and learn to play the guitar.  Vocal choir is an option for all students grades 9-12, where their knowledge of theory grows along with learning the history of music.  For this course, four-part singing is a must! New to the music program is the introductory Instrumental Strings course. Students learn the art of playing the violin for this course.

Cooperative Education

UMEI’s Cooperative Education program allows senior students to earn credits while completing a work placement in the community. A student’s co-op program will consist of classroom hours, a related curriculum course and a work placement to combine for a total of 110 hours for one credit or 220 hours for two credits.

Cooperative education allows for students to participate in valuable learning experiences that help them prepare for the next stage of their lives, whether in apprenticeship training, college, university or the workplace. Co-op students have the opportunity to make connections between school and work and to try out a career of interest before finalizing plans for post-secondary training or employment. This learning outside a traditional classroom setting will give them valuable work experience to help build their resume for their future endeavors.

Placements include:
– SawatzkyBalzer Law Firm (Law office receptionist/Legal assistant)
– Ricci Enns Rollier (Law office receptionist/Legal assistant)
– Leamington Mennonite Home and Aparments (Activity Aide)
– Essex Animal Hospital (Assistant Veterinarian Technician)
– Leamington District Memorial Hospital (Health Care Aide)
– Wilkinson Electric (Electrician’s helper)
– Leamington United Mennonite Church (Ministry student)
– Uni-Fab (Welder, CNC Machinist, Auto CAD drafter)
– Dwayne’s Auto Service (Auto Mechanic)
– Leamington Fire Department (Administration/Marketing)
– Collins Barrow Leamington L.L.P. (Clerical assistant)
– C.A. Bailey Ltd. (Mechanical Assistant)

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