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UMEI offers a wide range of rental facilities that make it a perfect venue for family gatherings, weddings, athletic activities, conferences, concerts, youth events, and more!

For more information call: 519-326-7448

Click Here to Download a Facility Rental Form

Description of Facilities:

Gymnasium Seating capacity of 700, microphones, screen
106 ft long x 6 ft wideStage – 14 ft high
Screen – 16 ft high x 20 ft wide on south side of gym
Auditorium Seating capacity of 500 (seated) or 400 (tables & chairs)
81 ft long x 58 ft wideScreen – 7 ft high x 12 ft wide on north end of gym
Chapel Seating capacity of 220
Kitchen Newly updated kitchen appliances and access to walk-in cooler, freezer, and commercial dishwasher.
Fully stocked with china, cutlery, and serving utensils
Caterer Supervisory rate of $15.00 per hour or meal per person rate
Call Tina Hiebert at 519-326-9515
Tables / Chairs Total Chairs Available – 700 (grey plastic)
Chapel – 150 Padded ChairsTables – 55 (8 ft long) rectangular
Microphones 2
Risers 8 wooden (8ft long by 1ft high)
Equipment Pianos, public address system, projection screen, movable risers, spotlight


Rental Agreements

Groups renting the facility are responsible for filling out the rental form along with a $200 non-refundable deposit to UMEI. The entire deposit will be applied to the rental cost provided the rented facilities are left neat and clean and no damage has occurred. The balance of the rent is due the week prior to the event.

General Responsibilities

Smoking and alcohol consumption is prohibited in all areas of the building and outside areas
UMEI does not assume responsibility for personal property and vehicles on the premises
Rented areas are to be cleaned prior to departure. Please leave the facility in a clean and tidy manner
All groups should respect moral and ethical standards based on Christian principles

Rental Fees

Facilities Charities &
Not for Profit Groups
Individuals Comments
Small Kitchen
(Catering Fees
$100 $200 No ovens, dishes, cutlery, dishwasher
Full Kitchen
(Catering Fees
$250 $500
Auditorium or Gym
$250 $500 Includes tables & chairs
Auditorium or Gym
(Over 2 hours – $250)
Same Includes showers & nets
No Balls
Picnic Shelter &
Outside Washrooms
$125/day $250/day Includes Park & Picnic Area
All Grounds $300/day $600/day Includes Above and Baseball Fields
Baseball Diamond $100/game
League – $350 Annual
& $30/game
Same $30/game for back diamond
Classroom $35/hr
$60/4 hr
$120/8 hr
Basement $35/hr Same
Chapel $150 $300
Conference $1500/weekend $3000/weekend All facilities
Full weekend
Projector $75 Same Projector must stay at UMEI
Spotlight $150 Same

NOTE: Lockup to Occur at 10:00pm
Funeral – Renters are made aware of rental rates, and asked to make a donation.

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