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UMEI CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL is pleased to announce an exciting new project that helps to support a greener world and our commitment to creation care in a tangible way. “Lightning on Line” is the name for an upcoming 75 kW rooftop photovoltaic (solar) project designed to produce electricity in an environmentally-friendly manner under Ontario’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) Green Energy Program. Structural engineering has recently been completed, with roof renovation work already underway. Construction is expected to begin in late June.

A fundraising campaign has been initiated to cover the capital costs for the project with an overall goal of $500,000; every dollar donated will generate an additional $3 in revenue for the school over the lifetime of the contract. Seventeen Project Ambassadors recently volunteered their time to spearhead the campaign by visiting with potential donors in advance of the public campaign kick-off. Through their efforts, a solid foundation of financial support for this project has been created.

The challenge now is to complete the task of raising the remaining, required capital. A public campaign launch to achieve this is planned for May 27 and will include a regularly scheduled fundraising lunch followed by a NASCAR-style race of student-designed vehicles using 500W halogen lights to simulate the sun.

To commemorate this project, a quilted work of art, measuring an impressive 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall, has been commissioned. Names can be incorporated on various quilt items depending on donor support with the finished work scheduled for unveiling and permanent display at the completion of the campaign. The overall quilted artwork will consist of 6 panels celebrating various themes associated with the UMEI facility both as a Christian school rooted in the Anabaptist tradition as well as a community centre serving many in the Leamington area. Appropriately, academics, sports, music, peace and community are all featured.

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