• Christ Followers strive to know Jesus and mirror Jesus’ life.
  • Peace Seekers are students who seek to be in right relationship with all those they encounter. Peace seekers understand that violence is not the answer, have the tools to approach conflict in healthy ways, and strive to treat others with love, kindness, and respect, even those with whom they disagree.
  • Community Builders intentionally engage with others around them. They have a deep understanding of the body of Christ, with each part uniquely gifted and essential to the whole. Community builders experience healthy community mirrored by teachers and faculty, activities geared to build school community, and interaction with the community outside their institutions.
  • Rigorous Learners have the tools needed to succeed in all areas of life. They are given developmentally appropriate curriculum that not only teaches the required material but challenges students to put their learning into practice. Rigorous learners approach subjects through multiple lenses, various mediums and new ways, exploring further, and cementing knowledge as their own.
  • Service Givers learn early on that the world does not revolve around them. These students are taught, through the example of Christ, what it means to go out and wash others’ feet. Service givers are instilled with values that emphasize giving back through hands-on opportunities to serve others and connecting with service organizations.
  • Difference Embracers are students who know they do not exist in a vacuum. Not only are they taught about diversity but are given opportunities to go and interact in settings dramatically different from their own cultures. They are taught that the world is bigger than their communities and, instead of this being a cause for fear, they are given the tools needed to count this a blessing and embrace it.