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From A Bird’s Eye-view (Literally)

As I flew over Kiwanis Camp on Friday, September 18th, I saw a series of strange and unusual events. Humans are always strange but this bunch was exceptionally odd. I watched as the group who called themselves UMEI, arrived at Kiwanis and immediately began running around making fools of themselves. I even satug of war-1w some trying to swing on trees like monkeys; it was embarrassing to even watch. Apparently, they are very comfortable around each other and feel that they are able to truly be themselves.

Next, they calmed down for a bit and went inside. I watched through the window from my perch as they sang beautiful worship songs and were taught about inviting strangers in.swinging from trees-1This shouldn’t be very hard for this group since they are all pretty strange themselves. Next, they all rushed into a large line and ate these human delicacies called, “sandwiches”. However, none of them were so polite as to share with a poor little bird such as me.

indoors singing-1

Then they lost all dignity once more and began their crazy activities again. The youngest of the group remained inside the building while the oldest set up a serious of abnormal obstacles. The younger ones looked quite nervous at first and it wasn’t until later that I understood why. When they returned outdoors, they were led throu4 legged race-1gh this strange obstacle course and got themselves rather filthy while the rest of the children in the group observed with amusement. There was some sort of competition to pull a rope over a square of flour and other messy things, as well as an obstacle course involving tires, slides, golf balls, and even more flour.

messy bucket-1

If it had been me, I would be rather flustered with the situation, but this lot seemed to rather enjoy themselves and they seemed to feel very welcome into the UMEI community at the end of these odd festivities.

Written by: Mykayla Tiessen and Katie Wiens

group shot-1

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