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ShopUMEI Gift Cards

ShopUMEI now offers a larger variety of gift cards for restaurants, gas, and retail. These gift cards can earn up to 10% of the face value of the card making it a great way to save money for tuition and help UMEI’s operating fund. To place an order fill out the form attached below and return it to the office by noon on the last Monday of the month. Orders may be placed by e-mail or phone but cards will not be released until payment is received. Cards are available for pick up in the office on the last Wednesday of the month.

Gift Cards are available from the following:

Applebee’s, Boston Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, East Side Mario’s, Casey’s Bar and Grill, The Keg, Kelsey’s, Montana’s, Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Milestones, M&M Meat Shops, Moxie’s, Red Lobster, Starbucks, Subway, Wendy’s, Canadian Tire & Gas Bar, Esso, Petro Canada, American Eagle, Best Buy, Chapters Indigo, The Children’s Place, Cineplex/Silver City/Famous Players, The Gap, Old Navy, The Bay, Home Outfitters, Home Depot, Home Hardware, Mark’s Work Wear House, Payless Shoes, Pier 1 Imports, Rona, Sears, Toys ‘R Us, Shoppers Drug Mart, Sport Chek, Staples Business Depot, Winners, Home Sense.


the primary purpose of Shop UMEI has been to raise revenue for the general operating needs of the school with no actual costs to supporters. In order to continue to grow this program, parents of current and future students are given the opportunity to earn credit towards their children’s tuition (grandparents can do it too!).

How it works:

Bulk quantities of gift cards are purchased by UMEI at a discount. The cards are then sold to Shop UMEI participants (anyone can buy!) at face value. Cards can be purchased and used personally or given to others (think birthdays, Christmas, etc.). 50% of the discount is passed on to your family in form of a tuition credit, and 50% continues to go to the school’s general operating account.

It’s easy to sign up:

Registration forms, easy-to-use order forms, and more detailed information about Shop UMEI are available at the UMEI office (Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 pm). Call UMEI at 519-326-7448.

*As always, dollar for dollar value is received when purchasing from Shop UMEI. The actual donation is being made by the store.

Let’s compare Shop UMEI to the PC rewards program!

PC regular MasterCard pays 1% and the World PC MasterCard pays 2% as cash back. In contrast, UMEI grocery cards pay you 2.5% tuition credits on groceries plus 2.5% to UMEI- that makes 5% vs. 1% or 2% for groceries! At the gas pumps your PC regular or world MasterCard pays you 4 cents/litre. Thus, you are still better off using your Shop UMEI gift card because there, you personally get the 2.5% tuition credit plus 2 cents/litre and again UMEI gets another 2.5%.

Just a little side note – Superstore and FreshCo do price matching of specials from WalMart and Food Basics. So you can still do a one-stop grocery shop and get all the specials!
Shop UMEI is working! This year alone one family made $2494.50 as tuition credits to put towards their child’s education. This school year, the average family tuition credits through the Shop UMEI program ranged anywhere from $200 – $1000.

From this program, the 2013 – 2014 school year netted $37,000 but actually $60,000 was given to UMEI this year, with some profit being left over from other years. This is a tremendous help towards operating the school.

The cards are still sold at UMEI, SawatzkyBalzer or by calling Elfrieda Brown at 519-326-9209. We are also looking at other avenues – we will keep you posted.

* Cards for Tim Hortons, Superstore, FreshCo and Food Basics are always available at the office. Cards are also available for a variety of other stores including: M&M, Subway, Rona, Cineplex, Chapters/Indigo, Shoppers, Esso and many more. These cards can earn up to 10% discount and are available for order once a month- next order is due Monday September 22nd. Order forms are available below:

Download the ShopUMEI Gift Card Order Form

ShopUMEI Grocery Card Order Form – Oct 2015

Download the ShopUMEI Pizza Hut Order Form

For more information or to place an order contact the office:
Phone: 519-326-7448 E-mail: Fax: 519-326-0278

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