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“Hi, my name is Olivia Dean and I graduated from UMEI in 2012. I am now a student at the University of Guelph and am working towards achieving my Bachelor of Applied Science. UMEI prepared me for my post secondary education in a way that I do not think any other high school could have. At University I have realized that many of my peers do not have the same strong foundation in science, English, math, and social sciences that I do. The teachers at UMEI taught us concepts that are frequently discussed in my university lectures, and that many of the other students here to do not understand thoroughly. I have lent my science and math notes from high school to many of my friends at university and they are always amazed at how helpful they are. More importantly, UMEI taught me how to manage my time so that I can maintain high academic grades while also having a social life. The workload at UMEI as well as the opportunity to be a part of so many extra curricular activates greatly prepared me for the busy lifestyle I have had to adapt to here at University. My experience at UMEI also helped me to develop many leadership skills that I find very useful in my day-to-day life, especially as I encounter many different situations that I am not used to on the University campus. While at University I have been able to stay true to myself and my values because my years at UMEI gave me the confidence and the inner strength to do so. I have talked to some of my other friends who went to different high shools in Leamington, and they seem to be having a much more difficult time transitioning into the post secondary lifestyle. I can honestly say that going to UMEI has made an enormous difference in my life in so many ways. Choosing to go to UMEI may seem like a decision that will only affect you during your high school years, but it will actually continue to affect you in your post secondary years, and wherever else life take you.”
Olivia Dean(’12)



“When I decided to go to postsecondary school in the States, I was going alone in a sense. Weeks before I left for university I began to worry: how was I going to succeed amid thousands of students who were raised in a competitive learning environment and who took advanced college level courses since Grade 10? Concerns like these troubled me until school actually started. After the first week of classes I knew what I was doing. The university responsibilities all came natural to me and I finished my first semester more successful than I would have thought possible. And what do I attribute this success to? UMEI. I have found that it takes passionate teachers to lead to passionate, determined students. Not only that, but teachers work with the students to not only encourage learning, but also help them discover how to learn. It is this enthusiastic style of teaching that really make UMEI teachers more of builders. It wasn’t remembering the quadratic formula that assuaged the pressures of university and allowed me to succeed, but the method of learning and studying, both of which I absorbed from the UMEI curriculum, teachers, and learning environment. Like anything in life, experience is a huge part of success, and the UMEI experience, without a doubt, is a doorway to this success.” Tess Huy (’11)



“The Science and Math programs at UMEI prepared me extremely well for university. People from all over the world come to the University of Waterloo because it is such a well known school with great academics. I was worried that coming from a small private school, I would not be able to compete with the international students as well as the students coming from IB programs in Canada who had already taken AP courses. I found, however, that I was just as prepared for university as my friends in classes. I was very surprised to find that most of the first term was review of what I had already learned at UMEI and that my average only dropped a few percent.

The main reason that I love science so much is because I had such a good high school experience with the subject. Mr. Fittler is an amazing teacher who can relate any aspect of science to real life, whether it’s through farming or relationships. He kept the classes interesting and used many of the applications of science to further our understanding through numerous field trips, experiments, and projects. I will never forget the fun experiences we had in science class. In my first term science labs, I did the exact same labs that we had done in grade 11 and 12 with Mr. Fittler. I often had to help other students who did not know how to use burettes or set up chromatography paper. I was confident in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Having such a strong foundation and understanding in these subjects made the new material easier to grasp.

The math program at UMEI was amazing and helped me to prepare for the realities of university. Math lectures at the University of Waterloo actually remind me of Mrs. Wiens’ lessons in high school. Coming to university, I had a very thorough knowledge and understanding of Advanced Functions and Calculus which really helped me during my first term.

In high school at UMEI, we took up to eight courses at one time. This meant a lot of homework and projects and many exams. When I came to university, the work load was more but it seemed manageable. I was forced to learn how to manage my time wisely all throughout high school. In university, I was ahead of the pack since I was used to having more than four courses at one time and I knew how to make priorities.

The teachers at UMEI are very passionate and young. Since a majority of them recently finished university themselves, they know what it’s like and they prepared us very well so that we could be successful. I specifically remember having an hour long conversation with Mrs. Wiens once. She told us all about university life and how she balanced the lectures, homework, and studying with fun. Talking to her was encouraging and made me very excited to go to university myself. I also love how the teachers keep in touch with graduates and ask for feedback so that they can work to make current students even more prepared for their future. The fact that they still care about us even when we’re gone means a lot to me.” Leah Toews (’11)


“One of the biggest transitions I have had to face is going to a school where everyone has known each other for so many years and history is shared. I came from a different environment and a different background and at a time in my life when it is even hard to fit in with the people you have known all your life, I had to try to fit in with people I did not know. It has been an adventure and it still is but I think it is safe to say that I am making some long lasting friendships. UMEI is a school that is different from all the other schools that I know and it is these differences that make it so utterly unique and exciting. I am in an environment in which everyone genuinely cares about each other and the teachers and students have a very good rapport. You can truly be yourself at UMEI and not fear rejection. You can freely seek to achieve your dreams with the knowledge that you will be supported 100% of the way. Teenagers face a whirlpool of emotions and they need that one calm place that is the eye in the middle of the storm. For me and for many others that place is UMEI.” Tari Ngangura (transfer student)


“UMEI has been a strong influence in deepening my faith through many different aspects of the school. It has helped me to make sure that faith and God is a priority in my life and that it is something that should not be hidden. The small school atmosphere made it possible for me to grow and deepen my relationships with everyone in the school, including the teachers. These strong friendships I have made will remain important and close to me for the rest of my life.” Kelsey Willms (’10)

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