Anita Woods (Wall)

"My years at UMEI gave me confidence in my ability to excel in my academics. It was amazing to know that my teachers knew who I was and encouraged me to pursue what I enjoyed but also challenged me to work harder on the courses that I didn’t enjoy as much. I attribute much of my later success in academics on the time I spent at UMEI. As a teaching intensive faculty member, I try to incorporate the feeling of a smaller classroom to help encourage my students to learn. Although many of my classes contain 500 -600 students, I try to learn their names and connect with as many students as I can during my office hours. I am so thankful that four years of my training came from UMEI. It is an outstanding school with amazing teachers, who care about their students and have made a big difference my life."

- Graduated UMEI in 1997
- Bachelor of Science Honours University of Western Ontario
- Ph.D. Physiology University of Western Ontario
- Assistant Professor in the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology
- Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry Teaching Award of Excellence, Leader Award (2014)
- Western Award for Innovations in Technology Enhanced Teaching (2017)

John Bartel

"The largest point of influence for me at UMEI was music. Paul Dueck was a hugely influential part of my becoming who I am today. Specifically, he sort of gave me permission to love the things I loved, and pursue the things that I thought were exciting/interesting. I have a distinct memory of being struck by how unabashedly passionate he was about the arts... specifically choral music. I think I marvelled at that. At that age, obviously, public perception was massively important to me. Paul had a way, just through his energy, of saying, "be yourself and get after it!”, The foundation I built in my years at UMEI has been absolutely instrumental in how I approach what I do on a day-to-day basis now."

- Graduated UMEI in 2002
- Ontario Institute of Audio Recording Technology (OIART)
- Owner at Bartel Audio specializing in sound-design/mixing where clients include CBC/Rogers Sportsnet, Hockey Night in Canada, Blue Jays Baseball, MLSE, Vice, Discovery Channel, Food Network and OLN.

Brenna Epp

"UMEI wasn't just a building where I went to earn a high school diploma. UMEI is the place where I learned how to live, how to think critically, and how to be different. As I start the next chapter of my life at law school, I will treasure the impact UMEI has had on not only my academic life, but my spiritual and personal life as well."

- Graduated UMEI in 2012
- Bachelor of Music with a specialization in Music Cognition, Minor in Psychology, and Diploma in Piano Performance from McMaster University.
- First year law school at the Schulich School of Law at Dalhousie University

Mike Wiens

"Like most high school students, my Grade 9 classmates and I began our post-elementary lives together as nervous, mostly-unacquainted teenagers. What I believe makes UMEI wonderfully unique, though, is that I knew everybody in my grade, by name, by the end of our first day, and the entire student body by the end of our first week. Moreover, through school-wide events like orientation week retreat, barn party and campfire night; class-wide parties where all were invited; trips across North America; and more, my fellow students and I formed friendships so strong that many of us are still best of friends today. In retrospect, developing my character and values in a close-knit community environment where I was free to be myself, and didn’t feel the kind of peer pressure that I might have at a different school, made all the difference in becoming who I am today. To me, that supportive, familial atmosphere is the greatest UMEI difference – but only one of many reasons why I cannot wait for my own children to have the incredible privilege of attending there."

- Graduated UMEI in 2006
- Bachelor of Arts, University of Waterloo
- Juris Doctor, University of Windsor Faculty of Law
- Lawyer at SawatzkyBalzer Barristers & Solicitors, Leamington

James Cook

"What I remember most fondly about UMEI was the strong culture of community support. As a student we were required to volunteer on community service days. UMEI taught me how important and fulfilling it is to serve other people. I remember planting trees and helping local seniors with tasks they were unable to do anymore at home. I have continued this serving philosophy into my career, which has been very rewarding working with seniors to make their lives and those within the community better."

- Graduated UMEI in 2006
- B. Com. University of Windsor
- General Manager for Chartwell Kingsville Retirement Residence

Noah Chacko

"I attended UMEI for all four years of high school and the time that I spent there definitely prepared me for the transition to university. At UMEI, I played on every sports team that was available and I was involved with several clubs, including student parliament and Faith in Action. The classes I took, the teachers at UMEI and the clubs and teams, have all helped me achieve many things, like grow in my faith and expand my abilities as a leader. I have already been able to apply these things here at university and I know I will be able to continue using what I have learned from UMEI for the years to come."

- Graduated UMEI in 2015
- Second year at the University of Guelph for Biomedical Engineering