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Vision is a biannual newsletter for UMEI alumni and friends. The purpose of Vision is to help alumni remain connected to UMEI and to each other. Included are events such as reunions, alumni profiles, ways to continue supporting UMEI, and the latest news from the school community.

Download the current issue of Vision now:
Spring Vision 2016

Download the PDF’s of previous issues:
Fall Vision 2015
Spring Vision 2015
Fall Vision 2014
Spring Vision 2014
Fall Vision 2013
Vision Spring 2013
Vision Fall 2012
Vision Spring 2012
Vision Fall 2011
Vision Spring 2011
Vision Fall 2010
Vision Spring 2010
Vision Fall 2009
Vision Spring 2009
Vision Fall 2008

Do you have news?

Announcements: marriages and births
Change of email or home address
What’s going on in your life?
Feedback to the newsletter
Suggestions for future issues

Email the UMEI Office at with this information.

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