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UMEI Christian High School has been serving Leamington and Essex County since 1945. The school provides a strong academic education in a Christian environment, and strives to make young people “doers of the Word and not hearers only.” UMEI offers Ontario Ministry of Education Secondary School Curriculum and graduates earn their Ontario Secondary School Diploma, but what makes us different is our commitment to whole-person education and growth.

UMEI is a Christian high school founded on the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition. Christian education promotes a complete education in which the spiritual, physical, academic and emotional development is nurtured. Teachers strive to create an atmosphere with a focus on social justice, peaceful conflict, management, serving others, and loving one’s neighbour as one self combined with an understanding and acceptance of all cultures. Students are able to explore their faith in a safe environment, through chapels, religious studies classes, service project days, and our annual Deeper Faith Days. UMEI is an inclusive environment and welcomes students from all faith backgrounds.

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What is the UMEI Difference in Education?

Small classroom environment

The current student-to-teacher ratio is 8:1, allowing for individualized attention, great discussion, hands-on activities and personalized enrichment.

Strong student-teacher relationships

94% of students express satisfaction with student-teacher relationship. Teachers interact with students throughout their four years of high school, allowing for personal relationships that nurture overall learning goals, rather than course-specific outcomes. Teachers are readily available for extra help.

Impressive results in post-secondary education and beyond

UMEI has a 100% graduation rate, with nearly 90% of students pursuing post-secondary education. UMEI students graduate with more credits, allowing them to explore their interests. Students regularly receive prestigious university scholarships.

Commitment to “whole person” education and growth

92% of the student body is involved in extracurricular activities. UMEI teachers strive to create an atmosphere which develops confident leaders and effective team players. Service project days, chapels, and other outreach programs inspire young people to be dedicated to their community and the greater world around them.

Focus on real world education

In four years, students participate in as many as 40 educational trips, including day trips to Stratford, an animal hospital, automobile plants, and the Windsor Symphony Orchestra, and extended trips to locations like Ottawa, Chicago, and New York City. In-class teaching focuses on real-world applications, including building rockets and using math in amusement parks.

Caring atmosphere focusing on individual achievement

Every student is encouraged to work to their potential, focusing on enrichment and remediation according to individual strengths and weaknesses.
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